One of the great myths of straight hair is that it does not need special care. Sure, curls tend to be more demanding, but straight hair also needs to be pampered to look radiant and healthy.

Something that happens with straight hair is that it tends to get dirty more, and more quickly, than curls. Not only that, but if not washed properly, the dirt just gets dragged in instead of being removed, giving it a greasy appearance.

Another important aspect to take care of is brushing. When tangled, straight hair can stretch and break if not brushed properly. That is why it is recommended to use detangling brushes that have well-distributed bristles.

Finally, we must also remember that the moment of greatest vulnerability for the hair is when it is wet. After bathing, it is best to dry very carefully, avoiding twisting the hair. Likewise, it is not highly recommended to use dryers frequently, since excess heat can dehydrate it. Remember that straight hair dries much more easily than curly hair, so it is always preferable to let it dry naturally as much as possible.

Well-groomed straight hair looks perfect every time, no matter if it's short or long. The trick is to know how to give it the necessary attention. Therefore, it is better to forget about the iron and start pampering it with products that bring real benefits.

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