It is a care routine for curly hair designed to keep your curls healthy, hydrated, frizz-free and perfectly well - defined naturally at all times.

Designed by the North American stylist Lorraine Massey, this method is based on eliminating sulfates, parabens, silicones and alcohol from the care routine of the curlers . The main reason behind this is that products that use silicones among the main ingredients create residues in the hair that can only be removed with sulfates, which in the long run will dull its shine and give it a flaky, dandruff and dull appearance.

To start the curly method, what you need to do is:

  1. Final wash - although it seems counterintuitive, for one to two weeks you should wash your hair using a sulfate shampoo in order to completely remove all the residue generated by the products you have been using.
  2. Ends - it's time to take care of the ends: cut all the ones you see open or in poor condition.
  3. Goodbye brushes - say goodbye to brushes, from now on you will only use your fingers or spiked combs (which must be large and have good separation). And don't forget that you should only untangle your curls with wet hair!
  4. So long, shampoos - from now on you should only use conditioners or creamy cleansers without sulfates and foam. In addition, we recommend bathing in cold water to activate blood supply and close the cuticles, which will help eliminate frizz and increase shine.
  5. Scrunch - Apply post-wash products (such as a moisturizing leave-in and gel or cream that help leave the perfect curls ) while the hair is still wet. To remove excess water and products, squeeze hair with a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt, but never rub. If you want to dry your hair more, keep a towel as a turban.
  6. Sleep time - when sleeping, use satin caps or pillows, as this material helps prevent frizz and maintains definition for more days.
If you have been looking for how to take care of your curls for years , this method may be the solution that you did not know you were looking for. Although of course, he is not the only one. Each hair is different and has its own needs, so it must be cared for according to its characteristics.
Are you ready to let your curls shine freely?