$ 469

Serum Gel for hair growth. Nourishes, moisturizes and forms perfect curls.

Made with:

✔️ Phyto peptides

✔️ Turmeric

✔️ Coconut oil

✔️ Argan oil

✔️ Ginger

✔️ Carrot oil

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The growth activator will help stimulate growth and strengthen the hair strand from the root. The delicate balance of active ingredients is ideal for use at night, as it will take effect long enough.

How to use

Before going to sleep, place a few drops of growth activator on your fingertips, rub and apply to the scalp, mainly in those areas where you want more hair growth. Try to distribute it very well using your fingers and making circular movements on the scalp, so it will better penetrate the follicle. Let dry for 10 minutes before going to bed; the product does not stain the pillows.

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