Antifrizz Nourishing Jelly 250 ml

$ 195

HUMANAH nourishing anti-frizz jelly. Made with:

✔️ Panthenol

✔️ Jojoba oil

✔️ Castor oil

✔️ Vitamin E

✔️ Wheat germ

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Get more hold with a jelly that generates almost no hard layer and will allow you to style your curls to look more radiant than ever. Enriched with natural ingredients, let yourself be enveloped by a clean product with emollient, nourishing and moisturizing properties.

How to use

After applying the HUMANAH Curl Activator, part your hair and apply the nourishing anti-frizz jelly evenly. Let it dry completely.

For soft, manageable curls, once your hair has dried completely, gently squeeze to break up the hard layer left by the jelly.

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