Having a healthy scalp is essential to be able to show off radiant hair, however, we usually forget it. The problem is that if we don't pay attention to it, it can develop great sensitivity, which can cause itching and dryness. In addition to this, the scalp can have dandruff due to:

  • Sudden changes in temperature
  • Sun exposure
  • exposure to pollution
  • Use of inappropriate products
  • Stress
  • hormones

Therefore, we share three basic rules to have a healthy scalp:

Use your fingertips

When you wash your hair, avoid rubbing or using your nails to create lather; by massaging with the fingertips you will stimulate circulation and improve the oxygenation of the scalp, helping to prevent hair loss. We recommend you start from the neck and work your way up to the forehead for best effect.

the right products

The scalp needs to be hydrated and deeply cleansed at the same time, so you will need to choose the products that you will use in your routine wisely. It is best that you incorporate products made with natural ingredients, as these will strengthen the health of your scalp while treating your hair kindly and leaving it radiant.

use cold water

Finish your washing routine with cold water as this will help activate the circulation of the scalp.

Now that you know the basic steps to have a healthy scalp, start practicing them and you will see how your body thanks you.

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